My Name is Peter.  I create:

Mobile Apps, Web Apps, Front-Ends, Backend-Ends, Open Source, Happy Users

About Me

I create mobile & desktop applications that people love to use.

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My freelance company is Manifest Interactive, LLC and I have been fortunate enough to create and manage custom enterprise level applications for Nike, Anheuser Busch, AT&T, Monsanto and Syngenta.
I have been in business for over 20 years and my current focus is on Open Source (FOSS) Projects and Mobile Design & Development with an emphasis on User Experience.
Front-end Skills
Javascript 15 yrs
CSS 15 yrs
HTML 15 yrs
Sass 8 yrs
Angular 6 yrs
VueJS 3 yrs
Back-end Skills
PHP 20 yrs
MySQL 20 yrs
Node 13 yrs
Postgres 9 yrs
Elasticsearch 8 yr
Redis 4 yrs
Other Skills
AWS EC2 13 yrs
AWS S3 13 yrs
Nginx 11 yrs
GeoJSON 8 yrs
Circle CI 8 yr
Commerce Cloud 2 yrs

Civil Services

I am the Founder, Designer & Lead Engineer of Civil Service USA Corp.
  • api
  • amazon-s3
  • circleci
  • css
  • docker
  • elasticsearch
  • electron
  • geojson
  • html
  • javascript
  • mysql
  • nginx
  • node
  • open-data
  • open-government
  • php
  • postgres
  • redis
  • sass
  • spatial-data
  • ubuntu
Civil Services - Lady of Justice
Accountability in Action
Civil Services is a nonpartisan, independent and Non-Profit Organization with the goal to help United States Citizens to be a part of their Government.
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Civil Services - API Guide
Developer API
Currently, our API is only open for select non-commercial use. You can Register for an API Key if you would like access to our API.
API Documentation
Civil Services - GitHub Open Source Projects
Open Government Data
Everything Civil Services develops is released under an MIT License and is made available as Open Source Projects on GitHub.
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200 2nd Avenue South
Suite 420
St. Petersburg, FL 33701

He's a Swiss-Army Knife

The best way I could describe Peter is to say that he is a swiss-army knife, capable of handling any and every aspect of software development. He is truly a rare breed: talented in design, development, project management, and innovative product development. I highly recommend Peter and his outstanding work.

Robert McVey, Software Architect at Collective Digital Studio

Passion for Quality

Peter is one of those rare developers who claims to have a wide range of skills and actually does have a deep level of understanding in each of those areas. He's an asset to any team he's on, and has a relentless work ethic, a passion for quality, and a fun sense of humor (an invaluable trait in long meetings and long days).

Jameson MacArthur, UI Developer at LockerDome

Unique & Enormously Valuable

Peter is a beast. He's as good at front-end as he is at back-end development which is very unique and enormously valuable. He's an entrepreneur and is all about creating exceptional business applications that create real and measurable value. Most importantly, he's an awesome guy to work with.

Alec Coughlin, SVP - Corporate Strategy + Business Development at RFI Studios

Better Than Anyone

Peter has the ability to come up with ideas for new products that take off in unparalleled ways. He helped come up with a solution for our mobile website that has changed the way we look at phones. He also has a great ability to create entire prototypes, every step from design to php to css to javascript better than anyone i've seen.

Joseph Larsen, Engineering Manager at Answers.com

Enthusiasm for Every Project

Peter loves technology and it shows in his enthusiasm for every project he undertakes. I have been lucky enough to collaborate with Peter on a few wildly successful products and his passion is contagious. I earnestly look forward to working with Peter again.

Adam Barciszewski, Security Engineer Lead at Enterprise Holdings